Main definitions of astrakhan in English

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  • 1The dark curly fleece of young karakul lambs from central Asia.

    as modifier ‘an astrakhan collar’
    • ‘He was an exceptionally tall man, dressed in a long black overcoat with astrakhan collar and cuffs.’
    • ‘Animal rights activists in Great Britain and elsewhere are launching new protests against astrakhan, lambskin derived from lambs that are killed shortly after birth and, activists claim, in some cases before they are born.’
    • ‘That was the time, at the height of the Cold War, when he rolled up in a new Lada, wearing a black astrakhan hat with Soviet-style greatcoat, and parked on a double yellow line in front of the house.’
    • ‘A distinctive black astrakhan and velvet cap is worn on the head, and white stockings, decorated garters, and cowhide slippers with straps complete the costume.’
    1. 1.1A fabric imitating astrakhan.



/ˈastrəkən/ /ˈæstrəkən/ /ˈastrəˌkan/ /ˈæstrəˌkæn/


Mid 18th century named after the city of Astrakhan, from which the fleeces were exported.

Main definitions of Astrakhan in English

: astrakhan1Astrakhan2


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proper noun

  • A city in southern Russia, on the delta of the Volga River; population 503,100 (est. 2008).



/ˈastrəkən/ /ˈæstrəkən/ /ˈastrəˌkan/ /ˈæstrəˌkæn/