Definition of astrobiology in English:



  • The branch of biology concerned with the study of life on earth and in space.

    ‘A lot of the chemists and geologists and biologists working in astrobiology are fixated on the details, because the history of life and the Earth is really just a catalogue of historical accidents.’
    • ‘My work, in part, deals with astrobiology from an astronomer's viewpoint.’
    • ‘As a PhD student studying astrobiology in Australia, I was pleased to see you identify the Moon as one of God's better ideas.’
    • ‘It is involved today in research in aeronautics, high-speed computing, and astrobiology.’
    • ‘For those involved with the fledgling science of astrobiology, this is a central issue.’
    • ‘So how did Davies become interested in physics and eventually astrobiology?’
    • ‘While evidence for microbial life on Mars is mounting, far more work needs to be done before any conclusions can be made.’
    • ‘Courses related to astrobiology are offered in the departments of geology, biology, physics, and electrical engineering.’
    • ‘However, the search for life beyond Earth, which underpins the burgeoning field of astrobiology, is based on a belief that chance played only a subordinate role.’
    • ‘Without many people realizing it, debate in astrobiology is being actively manipulated by deeply held theological beliefs.’
    • ‘The discovery has profound implications for astrobiology.’
    • ‘The relationship between astrosociology and astrobiology is strong due to cultural values that favor determining if Earthlings represent the only species in the universe.’
    • ‘If this is confirmed, it will be bad news for those who've been expecting that confirmation of past life on Mars would provide a burst of energy for the field of astrobiology.’
    • ‘A key issue in astrobiology is to understand the processes responsible for the geological and geophysical evolution of terrestrial planets.’
    • ‘The center researches aeronautics, astrobiology and supercomputing.’
    • ‘This helps explain the importance of recent theoretical developments in the emerging field of astrobiology.’
    • ‘He is a well-known expert in the field of astrobiology and its cultural implications.’
    • ‘Our goal is to promote, conduct, and lead integrated multidisciplinary astrobiology research and to train a new generation of astrobiology researchers.’
    • ‘In addition, reduced astrobiology funding will likely work against the President's stated goal of encouraging more young Americans to pursue science and technology careers, Shostak said.’
    • ‘Now, why do you suppose someone would steal astrobiology specimens?’



/ˌastrōˌbīˈäləjē/ /ˌæstroʊˌbaɪˈɑlədʒi/