Definition of astrobleme in English:



  • An eroded remnant of a large crater made by the impact of a meteorite or comet.

    ‘Large craters, called astroblemes, are frequently hidden by the earth's own natural processes.’
    • ‘Although relatively young meteorite impact craters have been identified in Argentina and Chile, these two Brazilian structures are the first ancient astroblemes to be reported from South America.’
    • ‘Dating back 2.023 million years, the Dome is the oldest astrobleme still visible on earth and site of the world's greatest known single energy release.’
    • ‘Lunar exploration has confirmed another unique feature of astroblemes, whether terrestrial or lunar; namely a central uplift area which occurs only in the larger impacts.’
    • ‘Although, only small meteorites have impacted Kentucky in human history, there are three astroblemes in Kentucky, which suggest that at least three large meteorites have collided with Kentucky in the distant past.’



/ˈastrəˌblēm/ /ˈæstrəˌblim/


1960s from Greek astron ‘star’ + blēma ‘wound’.