Definition of astrogation in English:



  • (in science fiction) navigation in outer space.

    ‘I need you to run the astrogation computers for the descent.’
    • ‘They had no maps, no charts, no astrogation data, yet they brought the galaxy to its knees.’
    • ‘It's possible, of course, to jump ‘blind’ as long as your astrogation computer doesn't have the safety controls engaged, but the practice has little to recommend it.’
    • ‘Two months later he was studying starship astrogation and fell in love.’
    • ‘If you could arrange twice that amount, so we have plenty spare in case of an astrogation problem, then I'm sure we can reach an agreement.’



/ˌastrəˈɡāSHən/ /ˌæstrəˈɡeɪʃən/


1930s blend of astro- and navigation.