Definition of astrologically in English:



See astrological

‘Most festivals are held on astrologically auspicious times for a particular deity in the same zodiac sign of the Sun each year.’
  • ‘Astrologically, Libra is the sign in which Saturn is exalted.’
  • ‘Astrologically every individual had influences bestowed upon him by most of the planets through his life span.’
  • ‘Astrologically, it tells me Jupiter is in conjunction with Venus.’
  • ‘It's a challenging one; changes do seem to come at astrologically appropriate moments.’
  • ‘The two men had cited example after example of astrologically arranged marriages, full of astral promise, turning disastrous.’
  • ‘Astrologically, the planet Saturn is associated with Fate.’
  • ‘Since his birth date is uncertain, his fate cannot be astrologically fixed.’
  • ‘Now you can find your own astrologically significant colour by going to this site and clicking on the month and day you were born.’
  • ‘My mum says that astrologically, this year is looking good for travel, but how does that help?’