Definition of Asturian in English:


Pronunciation /aˈsto͝orēən/ /æˈstʊriən/

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  • Relating to or characteristic of the Spanish region of Asturias, its inhabitants, or the language spoken there.

    ‘I did a wonderful walk along the Asturian coast’
    • ‘Thus the Asturian dialect, like the province itself, is emblematic of the birth of the modern nation.’
    • ‘Asturian culture, however, is more marked by its building programmes than by its surviving literature.’
    • ‘Like the art of the successor states, that of the Asturian kingdom under Ramiro was remarkably eclectic.’
    • ‘The bar menu is limited, although they do offer grilled bonito, a moist white variant on tuna that is an Asturian staple.’
    • ‘Despite its isolation, the uprising enjoyed the enthusiastic support of the Asturian workers.’
    • ‘The restaurant will feature three Basque and four Asturian ciders with cheese pairings.’
    • ‘The datings provided by both laboratories have enabled them to confirm that the Neanderthals from the Asturian cave lived some 49,000 years ago.’
    • ‘The Asturian player is suffering from arthritis in his left ankle.’
    • ‘The Asturian coach wants his players fighting fit, fiercely competitive and raring to go as the Catalan club kick off a new era in the Primera Division’
    • ‘My fridge is full of fabada (bean stew with pork, chorizo and saffron) and other typical Asturian foods.’


  • 1The language of the Spanish region of Asturias.

    ‘slogans translated into Spanish and Asturian’
    • ‘Known as "El Guaje", or "The Kid" in his native Asturian, Villa looks to be back to something near his best at a crucial time for Barca.’
    • ‘Other Romance minority languages, though not official, have special recognition, such as the Astur-Leonese group (Asturian) and Aragonese in Aragon.’
    • ‘The software supports such languages as Arabic, Armenian, Asturian, Basque, Belarusian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, and many more.’
    • ‘Madrid's Migala manage a surprisingly effective broken English, keeping their own language (Asturian as much as Spanish) for a variety of more experimental side projects.’
    • ‘The lyrics are in Asturian, the local lingo of their hometown Xixon.’
    • ‘Ever needed to conjugate a verb in Asturian, Gaelic or Klingon?’
    • ‘Minority languages such Irish and Asturian deserve official recognition at all levels, nationally and internationally.’
  • 2A native or inhabitant of the Spanish region of Asturias.

    ‘the Asturian had already shown his ability against Barcelona’
    • ‘The fort was garrisoned by 500 cavalrymen, initially by Asturians from northern Spain.’
    • ‘Madrid has enriched its gastronomy with the contributions of the Andalusians, Galicians, Asturians and other immigrants who have settled here.’
    • ‘The Asturian has scored 282 career goals for Sporting Gijon, Real Zaragoza, Valencia and Barcelona.’
    • ‘Enrique was appointed coach this summer and Villa feels his fellow Asturian will prove successful.’
    • ‘Capello arrived as coach in 1996 and asked the Real board to keep the Asturian, but by then the 26-year-old had made his mind up.’
    • ‘Another of Enrique's former team-mates, ex-Barca defender Miguel Nadal, believes the Asturian needs time to succeed.’
    • ‘Everyone wanted the Asturian in the team, even Messi.’