Definition of at-risk in English:


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  • Exposed to the possibility of danger, harm, or loss.

    ‘services for at-risk children and their families’
    • ‘guidelines to protect at-risk species’
    • ‘Eighty-five percent of at-risk American farms are on the fringes of urban areas.’
    • ‘Research has shown that positive results increase when programs focus on meeting the needs of at-risk families.’
    • ‘Abusive and at-risk mothers were more negative in their appraisals of child behavior than were control mothers.’
    • ‘Genetic testing might allow some at-risk patients to reduce their risk of cancer.’
    • ‘The program recognizes the link between undereducated adults and educationally at-risk children.’
    • ‘The proceeds will benefit various charities that serve at-risk youth and underprivileged families.’
    • ‘Others say those at-risk groups shouldn't be here in the first place.’
    • ‘By every measure, prisoners' children are the most severely at-risk children and youth in America.’
    • ‘How could this at-risk child have become such a well-adjusted adolescent?’
    • ‘However, at-risk students are also particularly prone to drop out of community college altogether.’
    • ‘He wants to change the lives of hundreds of at-risk and incarcerated teenaged boys and girls.’
    • ‘These results are crucial to early identification and intervention of dyslexia in at-risk children.’
    • ‘The goal was to develop and implement a program for at-risk students.’
    • ‘Thus, this may be a treatment issue that warrants further investigation in work with at-risk families.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, physicians have an obligation to make their at-risk patients aware of the options.’
    • ‘It attracted substantial numbers of at-risk couples who were not otherwise seeking treatment.’
    • ‘For really at-risk kids, home visits identify the younger siblings' problems.’
    • ‘He and his students aim to improve the prospects of at-risk children and families through local programs.’
    • ‘Many of those programs pay particular attention to helping academically at-risk students.’
    • ‘This line of research may also help identify at-risk individuals before the onset of mental illness.’



/ətˈrisk/ /ətˈrɪsk/ /ˌatˈrisk/ /ˌætˈrɪsk/