Definition of at a (or the) minimum in English:

at a (or the) minimum


  • At the very least.

    ‘we zipped along at a minimum of 55 mph’
    • ‘He seemed to acknowledge that, at the minimum, at least expand and make permanent those that will expire next year.’
    • ‘You might at a minimum find, at least as an American, that we have been sold this idea.’
    • ‘So if the new government does not wish to be too different from the old one, it needs to work on accomplishing at least ‘miniscule’ differences, so that at the minimum, a 0.2 percent difference exists between the two.’
    • ‘It is suggested that the tournament consist of at least three rounds or ten games at a minimum.’
    • ‘There's some evidence that he's more aware of other leaders playing up anti-Americanism in their home countries than any other President before him; at the minimum, he is more bothered by it.’
    • ‘Usually, people take gaofang for one month and the total cost is about 1,000 yuan at the minimum.’
    • ‘Well, at the minimum, I would insist on a caveat.’
    • ‘The first sign that one may be ready to join such alternative modes of security may be a contempt, or, at the minimum, a dissatisfaction with the society of the spectacle.’
    • ‘And that's something that we can't evaluate for several years at the minimum.’
    • ‘Each guest should, at the minimum, have one fork to use for each course.’
    at the minimum, no less than, not less than