Definition of at a clip in English:

at a clip


informal US
  • At a time; all at once.

    • ‘I spent several days with him, eight hours at a clip’
    • ‘Because my family and I can only go for about six hours at a clip before engaging in some massive argument, it didn't seem worth the $300 for me to fly home.’
    • ‘Training sessions were to be long, very long, 6-8 hours at a clip sometimes, but I felt very fortunate to be allowed such access.’
    • ‘I saw her twice a year, two weeks at a clip but now she can see me always.’
    • ‘We will focus on the small, mister-style heads first, knocking off 20 or so at a clip, then tackle the larger leaks later.’
    • ‘Veteran eater Conti used the sprint as well, but defined his by quantity, not time, speed-eating six matzo balls at a clip.’