Definition of at a discount in English:

at a discount

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  • Below the nominal or usual price.

    Compare with at a premium (see premium)

    ‘a plan that allows tenants to buy their homes at a discount’
    • ‘In simple terms, this means the share price is trading at a discount to the value of the company's property portfolio.’
    • ‘Those funds are good buys when their market price is at a discount to their net asset value.’
    • ‘Unlike funds such as unit trusts, investment trusts are often priced at a discount to the value of their holdings.’
    • ‘Other varieties are then priced at a discount or premium, according to their quality.’
    • ‘Residents are usually told there is material left over which could be offered at a discount price, but only if the work is carried out immediately.’
    • ‘For years the price of gold was trading at a discount.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, bidders are moving in now to take advantage of low value share prices, which typically trade at a discount to net assets.’
    • ‘Many of the books are given away at a discount of 50 per cent or more on the cover price.’
    • ‘For example, the transfer of the loans may be at a discount, taking potential risks into the calculation of price.’
    • ‘And because in the years to come, I don't think much growth will be happening, you need to look for stuff that you can pick up at a discount.’