Definition of at a profit in English:

at a profit

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  • Making more money than is spent buying, operating, or producing something.

    ‘fixing up houses and selling them at a profit’
    • ‘The pre-school is not a business, but a registered charity, unable to operate at a profit, forbidden to do so under laws governing charities.’
    • ‘The management told us before Christmas that we were a little down on the projected budget in the three months to December but the company was still operating at a profit.’
    • ‘It has the largest number of trains, stations, and long distance travellers, and it operates at a profit.’
    • ‘This legislation sets the tax rates, and the tax rates are paid only when that business is operating at a profit.’
    • ‘The multinationals only came to Britain to service the European market and if they can't sell at a profit, there's not a lot of point in them continuing to invest in Britain.’
    • ‘By some accounts, that was just a reaction by investors who had anticipated the news, bought early and then sold at a profit.’
    • ‘Brokers, analysts and fund managers around the world spend liberally on research to find hidden gems which they can scoop up cheaply and then sell at a profit.’
    • ‘The three are alleged to have sold oil rights at a profit.’
    • ‘If you then sell it at a profit, the tax will also be advantageous.’
    • ‘They are doing this to avoid people buying the car as an investment, to sell at a profit while demand is high.’