Definition of at a word in English:

at a word


  • As soon as requested.

    ‘be ready to leave again at a word’
    • ‘He ordered a cut-purse caught in the act to be hanged without a trial at a word from his royal mouth.’’
    • ‘Her favourites were lanterns that could come alive or die at a word, and an arrow that would hit whatever you wanted to hit, no matter how bad your aim was.’
    • ‘There was no seam or opening to be found on the box, yet at a word from Loarela, the top suddenly was no longer just a painting of a vortex, but an actual pit of darkness.’
    • ‘Elizabeth tried to touch it, but stopped at a word from her mother.’
    • ‘The gunner's stopped the armoured artillery pieces, ready to fire at a word's notice.’
    • ‘He consoled himself with the knowledge that the human was in his power, and that at a word the humans life would be ended.’