Definition of at all in English:

at all

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  • with negative or in questions (used for emphasis) in any way; to any extent.

    ‘I don't like him at all’
    • ‘did he suffer at all?’
    • ‘He added that people had been advised to avoid the Ashchurch area if at all possible.’
    • ‘Most of us would probably want to stay in bed if at all possible and give advice over the phone.’
    • ‘One of them is poor to the extent that their parent cannot afford to support them at all.’
    • ‘She works full time and if she has children at all it will be as late as possible.’
    • ‘They have no principles, at all.’
    • ‘The criticism really wasn't accurate at all.’
    • ‘There were eight children and no groceries, no money to buy soap, no money to buy anything at all.’
    • ‘I don't think that the government will change at all.’
    conceivably, under any circumstances, by any means, at all, in any way