Definition of at any moment in English:

at any moment


(also any moment)
  • Very soon.

    ‘she looked as though at any moment she might burst into tears’
    • ‘my father will be here any moment now’
    • ‘The excuse was usually that, although restored to fitness, the illness could strike again at any moment.’
    • ‘Dark clouds that kept gathering in the sky from afternoon threatened to burst at any moment.’
    • ‘There is too much to see, and the vaporettos are so heavily laden, they look as if they may sink at any moment.’
    • ‘I then go on to describe every bad thing that has ever happened to me, and some that haven't, but could at any moment.’
    • ‘She has the rather adventurous view that life can change at any moment.’
    • ‘Anyway, I watched every frame expecting the screen to go black at any moment.’
    • ‘Whether it's fire or flood, disaster is never far away and can strike at any moment.’
    • ‘Immigration officials could knock on their door at any moment and take them away with only what they can carry.’
    • ‘I'm still expecting to see one scuttle out from under the sofa at any moment.’
    • ‘She was back, this time to tell us that the delay was continuing but that we should be moving at any moment.’