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at bottom

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  • Basically; fundamentally.

    ‘at bottom, science is exploration’
    • ‘Likewise, we want Harry Angel to have, at bottom, a pure heart.’
    • ‘We rest, at bottom, on the inherent dignity of the individual.’
    • ‘This is because corruption is not at bottom simply a matter of law; rather it is fundamentally a matter of morality.’
    • ‘Her approach on economic issues is, at bottom, quite similar.’
    • ‘After all, Manning states, agriculture is culture, and, at bottom, is about the integrity of individual lives.’
    • ‘Once the novel language is stripped away, it is apparent that most of these supposed new challenges are, at bottom, techniques.’
    • ‘But one thing that has disturbed me has been the number of people who, at bottom, don't seem to really believe in grace or mercy.’
    • ‘Reading it, one might be tempted to think that at bottom García Márquez has remained as unpolitical as when he started out.’
    • ‘One need not trivialize the fears of religious parents to recognize that this is at bottom a complaint against democracy itself.’
    • ‘At bottom, Greenberg's theology rests on the conviction that the Holocaust was a revelatory event.’
    fundamentally, primarily, principally, chiefly, essentially, elementally, firstly, predominantly