Definition of at cost in English:

at cost

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  • At cost price; without profit to the seller.

    ‘But for most retailers who essentially sell diapers at cost, the extra effort is more daunting - with no significant payoff.’
    • ‘The remaining property assets are still included in the balance sheet at cost or at existing use valuations that are more than a decade old.’
    • ‘The two units sell inventory back and forth at cost.’
    • ‘It was owned by the shareholders of its 11 funds and provided the administrative services to them at cost.’
    • ‘Property and equipment are stated at cost and depreciated using the straight-line method over estimated useful lives of 3 to 10 years.’
    • ‘It was painful to think about selling it at cost.’
    • ‘‘We're going to offer these carts at cost when we're done using them,’ said Jones.’
    • ‘More importantly, they own the investment manager, which operates at cost.’
    • ‘The second problem is that once you reach the level of success of a classic, selling at cost is no fun at all.’
    • ‘In contrast, many short term fixed rate deals available exclusively to new borrowers were sold at cost or even a slight loss.’