Definition of at intervals in English:

at intervals


  • 1With time between; not continuously.

    ‘the light flashed at intervals’
    • ‘The appointment of Australians, at intervals from 1931 and continuously from 1965, broke this link.’
    • ‘From these little blobs the sun threw back at intervals bright flashes of steel as the tribesmen waved their swords.’
    • ‘Tallages continued to be demanded at intervals until 1340, when Edward III agreed that the consent of Parliament must be obtained.’
    • ‘This had continued at intervals ever since the 1740s, and even in 1815 there remained fears that war would break out afresh.’
    • ‘After she had chewed most of the sandwich, she continued, still swallowing at intervals.’
    • ‘These noisy discharges of explosives start when it first gets dark and continue at intervals into the early hours of the morning.’
    • ‘They had clung to each other for warmth through the night, with Michael flashing his torch into the darkness at intervals.’
    • ‘Attendees are served white rum and strong coffee at intervals throughout the event, which may continue well into the night.’
    • ‘The silly, liberating antics expected on such occasions escalate at intervals into orgiastic nastiness.’
    • ‘Observations also occurred at intervals throughout the research period.’
  • 2With spaces between.

    ‘the path is marked with rocks at intervals’
    • ‘Folded sediments of pink-brown rock rise on either side, broken at intervals by dark basalt columns of solidified magma and occasional leopard caves.’
    • ‘The ceiling was domed and pillars were placed periodically at intervals to show their golden and chrome beauty to the crowd.’
    • ‘In both directions I encountered a few stretches where there were countdowns to a 50 mph limit, which was then posted at intervals along the central reservation.’
    • ‘Other lochs divide the Cowal coastline at intervals, and right in the middle sits one of the peninsula's defining and scenic attractions, Loch Eck, which we came to know well on our walks.’
    • ‘The same approach extends to the inside, with flashes of colour applied at intervals to walls, providing visual incident and points of orientation.’
    • ‘Slip joints are required at intervals in metal flashing to permit thermal expansion and contraction.’
    • ‘On a brighter note, new street lighting is to be put in place in the next week or two and will consist of lantern type lighting placed at intervals along the main street of the village.’
    • ‘Spanning the road at intervals were gantries of lights indicating three lanes in, and one lane out - at morning rush hour.’
    • ‘The room was lit with candles, placed at intervals throughout the room and there was soft music playing in the back ground.’
    • ‘They gleamed in the light coming from the glowing orbs set at intervals along the street.’