Definition of at need in English:

at need


  • When needed; in an emergency.

    ‘men whose experience could be called upon at need’
    • ‘It won't be quite as absorptive as the commercial variety, but it's a good deal cheaper and can be improvised at need.’
    • ‘It becomes a tool, something you can use at need, not something that uses you.’
    • ‘In truth, those fighting in the north were able to retreat westward at need, but their numbers and strength were sorely needed to help prevent, or at the least, hinder the Enemy from driving directly south through Alin.’
    • ‘We have but a hundred competent horse, fifty more in training we could use as shock troops at need.’
    • ‘At last there was the ringing of a clear silver bell and people began making their way to the tables, which were set in long lines so that all could see and hear Baldric, and could rise to their feet and speak and be heard at need themselves.’
    • ‘The room was dominated by an appropriately crude but sturdy-looking wooden table which looked as though it could seat at least twenty, or at need serve as a heavy workbench.’
    • ‘The spears that they carry - frameae is the native word - have short and narrow heads, but are so sharp and easy to handle, that the same weapon serves at need for close or distant fighting.’
    • ‘There is to be no slaughtering of our beasts except at need.’
    • ‘Sydney was constantly by her side, ready to give her medication at need.’
    • ‘It will be a perilous undertaking, but one which strong horses and experienced riders had done at need in the past.’
    • ‘The elf's arms were steady on his weapon, ready to snap the bowstring at need.’
    • ‘He fingered the sword's handle at his belt and readied himself to pull it from the sheath at need.’
    • ‘James spoke little, their routine for the last year that they were silent for most of the day, speaking only at need to each other.’