Definition of at odds in English:

at odds

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  • In conflict or at variance.

    ‘his behavior is at odds with the interests of the company’
    • ‘But conflict resolution in recent decades is at odds with the principled approach.’
    • ‘She had felt different and increasingly at odds with her family, in particular her mother Fanny.’
    • ‘That guidance is clearly different from and at odds with the 1972 decision letter.’
    • ‘The architecture demands a kind of display which is at odds with the tone both of the words and of the spirit of the institution.’
    • ‘Service withdrawal seems to be entirely at odds with any claim to professionalism at all.’
    • ‘He was often at odds with the more liberal wing of the church, having opposed the decision to ordain women bishops.’
    • ‘Any other result would have been at odds with the balance of the game.’
    • ‘His conversion to the Nation of Islam years later, she said, was at odds with his Baptist upbringing.’
    • ‘Even more impressively, he did so while obviously at odds with his swing.’
    • ‘The intense angst though felt at odds with the surrounding natural tranquil beauty.’
    in conflict, in disagreement, on bad terms, at cross purposes, at loggerheads, quarrelling, arguing, clashing, at daggers drawn, at each other's throats, at outs, estranged
    at variance, not in keeping, out of keeping, out of line, out of step, in opposition, conflicting, clashing, disagreeing, differing, contrary, incompatible, contradictory, inconsistent, irreconcilable, incongruous, discrepant
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