Definition of at one's fingertips in English:

at one's fingertips


  • (especially of information) readily available; accessible.

    ‘until we have more facts at our fingertips, there is no use in speculating’
    • ‘The Internet can be a bit overwhelming with the amount of information readily available at your fingertips.’
    • ‘What immediately strikes you about the game is the vast amount of information and control available at your fingertips.’
    • ‘These days, with the amount of information available at our fingertips via the internet, it is easier than ever to create your own ‘DIY’ holiday.’
    • ‘Numerous helpful online resources for evidence-based practice exist and are readily available at your fingertips.’
    • ‘Explore one or more of these resources and review the information available at your fingertips.’
    • ‘Many companies lack the IT infrastructure to give staff access to information at their fingertips, with the problem particularly acute among smaller businesses.’
    • ‘Globalisation has made the world a global village and information is available at our fingertips.’
    • ‘In the Internet era, when facts are literally at one's fingertips, marshaling information is no longer enough to constitute learning.’
    • ‘It is just amazing that so much information is free and at your fingertips - be awed and think about it every once in a while.’
    • ‘Our new pupil achievement tracker means that teachers will have information at their fingertips to analyse past and current attainment so that they can tailor lessons and progression to each pupil's needs.’
    obtainable, accessible, to be had, ready for use, at hand, to hand, at one's disposal, at one's fingertips, within easy reach, handy, convenient