Definition of at one's peril in English:

at one's peril


  • At one's own risk (used in warnings)

    ‘neglect our advice at your peril’
    • ‘Now you step on it at your peril, and with risk of severe damage to the grass.’
    • ‘You risk missing this deadline at your peril, as this article from last week explains!’
    • ‘Events 80 years ago prove that we ignore that advice at our peril.’
    • ‘It is very clear that we are seeing warning signs that we neglect at our peril.’
    • ‘We neglect this aspect of religion at our peril.’
    • ‘When we advise other nations about how to devise better systems of government, our own historical skepticism about the power of pure democracy can be neglected only at our peril.’
    • ‘For all that talk of intellectual mastery, there is another dimension that we're not in control of, and we neglect it at our peril.’
    • ‘As I mentioned earlier, I think it is at our peril that we neglect the future of country racing.’
    • ‘We ignore the risks from increasing antibiotic resistance at our peril.’
    • ‘Alstroemeria are commonly found in floral bouquets and come in a wide variety of colours, though let them loose in your garden at your peril - beautiful though they are, their fleshy roots will spread like wild fire and come up everywhere.’