Definition of at one blow in English:

at one blow


  • By a single stroke; in one operation.

    ‘the letter had destroyed his certainty at one blow’
    • ‘Or better yet an all-in-one weapon that destroys the whole enmeshed monstrosity at one blow.’
    • ‘I am at a loss to understand on what grounds the Planning Authority deems it acceptable to inflict 59 houses, virtually in one block, at one blow in such a small village.’
    • ‘In a city where the struggle to find affordable housing has become epic, they stand to lose both housing and community support at one blow.’
    • ‘In that country this year a ruling class which had always denied the vote to the great majority of the population was forced to concede universal suffrage at one blow.’
    • ‘If that has been shown to hold for the pattern, then it has been shown, at one blow, to hold for all of the indefinitely many instances of the pattern.’
    • ‘After the war we witnessed a change in the world that separated us from what we used to be and from what we once had made and done, as if at one blow millions of years had passed.’
    • ‘The seizure of power by the proletariat did not overcome at one blow the country's economic backwardness and lack of culture, however.’