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at one time

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  • In or during a known but unspecified past period.

    ‘she was a nurse at one time’
    • ‘The ferry crew commented that it was the biggest number of dolphins they had seen together at one time in Scapa Flow.’
    • ‘We managed to prevent the fire spreading to a caravan park, which was a concern at one time.’
    • ‘Energy supply has been a huge issue in the past and at one time we considered the nuclear fuel option.’
    • ‘I did ponder at one time whether it would be a good idea to put together a contract of expectations for choir members.’
    • ‘Frustrating Russian ambitions in that part of the world had been almost our only raison d'être at one time.’
    • ‘It had, at one time, been in the special medical collection of the Marylebone Public Library.’
    • ‘Chris has roots in the Kilmead area as some of his relatives resided at Moatfield at one time.’
    • ‘I did at one time, and it seemed that everyone I knew, apart from my parents, did.’
    • ‘Hallim recalled he was so badly stung at one time that he had to be hospitalised.’
    • ‘It includes old railway arches which, at one time, formed a part of Leigh station.’
    formerly, previously, once, in the past, at one point, at some point, once upon a time, time was when, in days gone by, in times gone by, in times past, in the old days, in the good old days, back in the day, long ago
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