Definition of at rest in English:

at rest

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  • 1Not moving or exerting oneself.

    ‘uncurl so your arms and legs are at rest’
    • ‘The definition later attracted criticism from Newton on the ground that it implied, incorrectly, that particles inside a moving body were at rest while those on the surface were not.’
    • ‘‘Restless legs’ are an unpleasant creeping sensation deep in the legs when they are at rest, especially in the evening and during the night.’
    • ‘A pure arterial ulcer often has no edema, unless the patient with pain at rest keeps the leg dependent throughout the night for comfort.’
    • ‘It may be worse in the evenings when your legs are at rest.’
    • ‘Pulses that arc palpable in the foot while the patient is at rest or with the leg in a dependent position may disappear when the patient exercises.’
    • ‘People with this sleep disorder feel a creepy-crawly sensation in the legs when they're at rest.’
    • ‘Ultrasound scans will then produce moving pictures of the heart both at rest and during stimulation, which doctors believe will enable them to make an improved, more accurate diagnosis.’
    • ‘A reference frame specifies all the trajectories that are regarded as stationary, or at rest in space.’
    • ‘Consider Aristotle's own riddle about motion: At the instant when an object stops moving, is it in motion or is it at rest?’
    • ‘After the first venous blood sample was obtained at rest, strength was evaluated in each leg and a baseline muscle biopsy was performed on the nondominant leg.’
    1. 1.1Not agitated or troubled; tranquil.
      ‘if you think something's wrong, consult the doctor and put your mind at rest’
      • ‘he felt at rest, the tension gone’
      • ‘Fortunately for Laurie, I'm here to set his mind at rest, for I happen to know that his projections are fundamentally flawed.’
      • ‘If you had doubts about how riveting Manet's subject was to audiences of the time, the documentary section of the show set your mind at rest.’
      • ‘The whole atmosphere was relaxed, which did a lot to set my mind at rest.’
      • ‘Tell me, how are you going to use it - just to set my mind at rest from a security perspective?’
      • ‘But the way they behaved toward me completely set my mind at rest.’
      • ‘I never asked him to set my mind at rest or anything like that.’
      • ‘He gave the boys leeway and a free tab at the bar for a limited amount and set his mind at rest.’
      • ‘The practice is simple: sit or lie down and picture in your mind scenes where you are at rest, are calm and peaceful, or are quietly strong.’
      • ‘We want to be calm, at rest, in touch with our senses.’
      • ‘When the mind and heart are at rest, they are not important or unimportant, secure or insecure, and this natural state is happiness.’
    2. 1.2Dead and buried.
      ‘she lies at rest in the churchyard’
      • ‘But you also come across real mausoleums, like the cemetery, where on artificially formed hillside terraces over a thousand soldiers lie at rest.’
      • ‘Her funeral mass was celebrated in the Church and she now lies at rest in Court Abbey cemetery within sight of her home.’
      • ‘A large Celtic Cross stands in the middle of the plot and there too many of the Jones Family lay at rest underneath.’
      • ‘Brother and sister, who were only separated by a year in age, now lie at rest within yards of each other in Rochdale Cemetery.’
      • ‘From one perspective, Captain Pepper lies peacefully at rest.’
      • ‘I could tell her he was buried at sea and was at rest.’