Definition of at risk in English:

at risk


  • Exposed to harm or danger.

    ‘23 million people in Africa are at risk from starvation’
    • ‘Children who use mobile phones are at risk of memory loss, sleeping disorders and other health problems.’
    • ‘Exposure assessment identifies the population at risk and the likelihood of exposure to the hazard.’
    • ‘Many include rare or threatened habitats that are home to species at risk.’
    • ‘He could have explained to the customers that their information was at risk, without revealing quite so much detail.’
    • ‘The clinic acknowledges that very few women who have abortions there do so because their lives are at risk.’
    • ‘When animals migrate to mate and find food, they are at risk every time they need to cross a road.’
    • ‘But there was no way to experiment because the baby would be put at risk.’
    • ‘The songs, some instrumental, some vaguely vocal, were never at risk of being lost in the din.’
    • ‘Rumours that the Bluetooth systems of cars are at risk from infection from mobile phone viruses have been debunked.’
    • ‘The outdoor chickens are more at risk of picking up infection from wild birds, other animals and the environment.’
    danger, peril, jeopardy, hazard, threat, menace