Definition of at second hand in English:

at second hand

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  • By hearsay rather than direct observation or experience.

    ‘The palace consequently represents an injection of French Renaissance aesthetic taken pure and from the source, rather than mediated at second hand through the observations of visitors.’
    • ‘Newman's fans among critics are either people who knew him well, worked with him, or other people who have had the experience at second hand through what these critics have written.’
    • ‘She had grown tired of experiencing life at second hand.’
    • ‘Art reflects life at second hand, as it were, when experience and detachment integrate in a dialectical union of ‘poetic’ or ‘analytic’ experience.’
    • ‘Also I hated all the mania, because I'd been through all that for many many years, albeit at second hand.’
    • ‘In the book he frequently describes important meetings at second hand.’
    • ‘The downside of computer images is their presentation of Nature at second hand.’
    • ‘His quotations from classical authors are taken mostly at second hand.’
    • ‘Scientific judgements, like practical principles, can be received at second hand.’
    • ‘Their influence on literature may be at second hand but is none the less important.’
    indirectly, at second hand, on the bush telegraph, on the jungle telegraph