Definition of at short notice in English:

at short notice


(also at a moment's notice)
  • With little warning or time for preparation.

    ‘tours may be canceled at short notice’
    • ‘All hospitals in the area have to be prepared to evacuate at a moment's notice.’
    • ‘Visits were sometimes cancelled at a moment's notice when this happened, and her friends came to accept this.’
    • ‘The funds have been transferred to my offshore account, and I am prepared to leave at a moment's notice.’
    • ‘I have been commanded to return them to the property forthwith so they can be consulted at a moment's notice.’
    • ‘If you're feeling creative, hollow out tangerine shells, freeze them, then fill with granita and keep in the freezer to pull out at a moment's notice.’
    • ‘The ground units would, of course, be backed by massive conventional air and sea power, ready to subject the enemy to a lethal barrage at a moment's notice.’
    • ‘Little on the plant floor is welded down, so machines and modular furniture can be rearranged at a moment's notice.’
    • ‘Children have been told to stay close to the school building and staff are being extra vigilant at break times ready to bring pupils indoors at a moment's notice.’
    • ‘We'd certainly be more productive if more of our days were free of the kinds of crises that seem to erupt at a moment's notice.’
    • ‘His mouth was one that could give easy smiles at a moment's notice, but I had only seen him smile once since I met him.’