Definition of at someone's beck and call in English:

at someone's beck and call


  • Always having to be ready to obey someone's orders immediately.

    ‘enjoy having servants at your beck and call’
    • ‘she was at her mother's beck and call’
    • ‘If you let yourself be controlled by the industry, you'll always be at their beck and call.’
    • ‘Peabee had certainly known life on the penthouse floor: Women always at his beck and call.’
    • ‘Whenever he's home, she's always expected to be at his beck and call.’
    • ‘She would never feel at home in a mansion with servants at her beck and call.’
    • ‘But it looks like he is ready to have the Cabinet at his beck and call.’
    • ‘The Council is not at his beck and call and, therefore, not ready to sign on the dotted lines.’
    • ‘‘You journalists think I am at your beck and call,’ he snaps.’
    • ‘The rooms are spacious, there are chandeliers in the hall, sofa beds for family members and gourmet chefs at your beck and call.’
    • ‘But unless the Greens manage a heroic surge, it, too, might have to operate at Winston 's beck and call.’
    • ‘After a year of being at George 's beck and call anytime of the day or night, Lucy has had enough and gives two weeks notice’