Definition of at someone's feet in English:

at someone's feet


  • As someone's disciple or subject.

    ‘you would like to sit at my feet and thus acquire my wisdom’
    • ‘We never sit at their feet and learn from their experiences.’
    • ‘Their gift was to leave indelible memories of the beauty of English poetry on all who sat at their feet.’
    • ‘Then, as the rig drifts toward the lake, everyone gathers around and sits at Litton 's feet.’
    • ‘Do your students sit at your feet and follow your every word, is that an ideal relationship?’
    • ‘You will sit right at their feet and be enraptured by every idea.’
    • ‘I tell the youth that they must respect the elders and try to learn from them by sitting at their feet.’
    • ‘Younger children intermittently sit at their feet and race around with their friends.’
    • ‘Alison looked at Julie, sitting at Mistress Farnham 's feet and learning to knit.’
    • ‘I moved to go sit at Haru 's feet, as any other companion was supposed to do.’
    • ‘Ashka dashed past the two of them and sat on the stairs at Teenan 's feet.’