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at source

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  • 1At the point of origin or issue.

    ‘reduction of pollution at source’
    • ‘By preventing pollution at source, conserving water and restoring valuable nutrients to nature's lifecycle, the WCT's virtues are attracting converts around the world.’
    • ‘While industrial pollution can be controlled at source, automobile emissions can become uncontrollable.’
    • ‘The reduction of refuse at source is vital and the council must challenge those responsible to achieve acceptable levels.’
    • ‘The more compassionately we treat illegal arrivals who are purely economic migrants the more harm we do to their countries of origin, and the more we help perpetuate the poverty at source.’
    • ‘Noise, smell and other forms of pollution must be reduced to a minimum at source - if it is practical eliminate it.’
    • ‘They represent the strongest indication of the growing international emphasis on waste disposal at source and the adoption of a precautionary approach to pollution control.’
    • ‘The phrase ‘high level’ is a way of describing the objective in the first recital, which is to prevent or reduce to the irreducible minimum the emission of pollutants at source.’
    • ‘According to Beggan, the secret is to do your quality control at source.’
    • ‘The long-term health risks of placing fluoride into drinking water at source is to be raised at tomorrow's meeting of Kerry county council.’
    • ‘This issue is particularly important in kitchens and bathrooms, and O'Rourke says extracting moisture at source using extractor fans will cut down on lingering smells as well as preventing dampness.’
    1. 1.1Used to show that an amount is deducted from earnings or other payments before they are made.
      ‘your pension contribution will be deducted at source’
      • ‘Mortgage interest relief has gone and non-taxpayers can no longer reclaim the tax deducted at source on dividend payments on shares or unit trusts.’
      • ‘The landlord is then entitled to claim a credit for the income tax deducted at source from the rental income.’
      • ‘However, anyone with benefits or other sources of income, for example bank interest or dividend income, is likely to have additional tax to pay as any tax deducted at source is unlikely to cover the full tax liability.’
      • ‘These repayments do not include mortgage interest tax relief which, from January 1, will be deducted at source from your repayment by the lender.’
      • ‘My mother's income is just below her tax allowance but she has some money in shares and unit trusts where tax on the income is deducted at source and cannot be reclaimed.’
      • ‘These enable you to access a multitude of offshore funds in an administratively simple and cost-effective manner - and with no tax deducted at source.’
      • ‘The onshore bond invests into onshore funds, which have tax deducted at source.’
      • ‘The bank has urged the public and corporate bodies to avail of the services for remitting their corporate, income, wealth and other direct taxes including tax deducted at source.’
      • ‘Meanwhile charges and commissions continue to be deducted at source, adding to investors' losses.’
      • ‘One piece of good news is that the majority of Britons do not need to complete a tax return, as all of their income (wages, savings interest and share dividends) is taxed at source.’