Definition of at speed in English:

at speed


mainly British
  • Quickly.

    ‘a car flashed past them at speed’
    • ‘The Shannon airport police van approaches at speed, emergency lights flashing.’
    • ‘However, when you have 14 or 15 stone moving around at speed and hitting you, it's going to take its toll.’
    • ‘The driver, who was also wearing a balaclava, drove away at speed.’
    • ‘A vehicle was heard leaving the lower village at speed, heading up towards the Church, out of Dunmore East.’
    • ‘Other eye-witnesses revealed the motorcyclist was driving at speed and overtaking other vehicles in drizzle.’
    • ‘Eyewitnesses said they drove off at speed in the direction of Newmarket.’
    • ‘And it was their ability to turn defence into attack at speed that was the real difference.’
    • ‘It is believed that the thieves took his keys in the struggle and then began driving around in circles at speed.’
    • ‘Teenagers use the parking area as a late night hang-out, driving around at speed and playing loud music.’
    • ‘He then snatched the keys from her hand and the two drove off at speed, leaving her frightened in the street.’
    rapidly, swiftly, quickly, fast, post-haste, at speed, at full speed, at the speed of light, at full tilt, as fast as one's legs can carry one, at a gallop