Definition of at stake in English:

at stake

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  • 1To be won or lost; at risk.

    ‘people's lives could be at stake’
    • ‘The tempo of the game was at the highest point as both teams threw everything into the game with so much at stake.’
    • ‘For professional huntsman Richard Emmott the Government's ban means his job and home are at stake.’
    • ‘Much more is at stake in the battle which is about to get under way.’
    • ‘This is very depressing with the future of the world's climate at stake.’
    • ‘What is at stake is not just the fate of a failed technology company.’
    • ‘Huge sums of money are at stake, so timing and discretion are paramount.’
    • ‘How do you decide the bottom line, when people's lives or the world economy, are at stake?’
    • ‘There are people's lives at stake and our country is up to it and the people here are up to it.’
    • ‘However, those not prepared to take responsibility for what they do when drunk should be aware of what is at stake.’
    • ‘But with little at stake it was perhaps not surprising there was little in the way of genuine action.’
    • ‘The risks are higher, the stakes lower and the goals would be considered laughable if so many lives were not at stake.’
  • 2At issue or in question.

    ‘the logical response is to give up, but there's more at stake than logic’
    • ‘There does not seem to me to be a fundamental issue of jurisprudence at stake, but more a question of evidence.’
    • ‘The issues at stake are issues that people of faith need to confront.’
    • ‘There are several issues at stake here, but two stand out in particular.’
    • ‘This one makes you sift through the issues at stake in the election in Britain.’
    • ‘However, there are more fundamental questions at stake, about the very meaning of right and wrong.’
    • ‘He says that there's a bigger issue at stake than simply the future of one 19th century building.’
    • ‘There are many issues at stake here, not least those of equity and social justice.’
    • ‘But it should not be assumed without serious consideration of the issues at stake.’
    • ‘Strenuous efforts were made to inform the people of the issues at stake in the Nice Treaty.’
    • ‘Each has said that the cash will come in handy, but there are more important issues at stake.’