Definition of at table in English:

at table


  • Seated at a table eating a meal.

    ‘I can't help hoping that the guest-leaders, seated at table in Okinawa, might read these words and ponder whom they are being hosted by.’
    • ‘But the origin of the singerie as a distinct genre is usually attributed to Claude Audran, who in 1709 painted an arbour with monkeys seated at table for the Château de Marly.’
    • ‘Sometime before I leave I will sit at table, in the middle of dinner with 80 people, I will be tired and grumpy and bored with conversation and I will tip my head back, open my mouth, and scream.’
    • ‘Although Jesus sits at table with Pharisees at various times throughout the journey, teaching and preaching, it is the powerful whom he is rebuking.’
    • ‘What stories might you tell of young people at table?’
    • ‘In a similar vein, it is not entirely whimsical that at table we acknowledge with thanks the animal and vegetable life that makes possible our meal.’
    • ‘‘Give us a lick of yon jam,’ is a request regularly heard at table.’
    • ‘How one acts at table is how one prepares for God's sovereignty.’
    • ‘First this: my thoughts are with all those people who will not have a loved one with them at table, in bed, in the classroom or at their side tomorrow.’
    • ‘The woman who bathed Jesus' feet with her tears got the point; the men sitting at table with him didn't.’