Definition of at that in English:

at that

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  • In addition; furthermore.

    ‘it was not fog but smoke, and very thick at that’
    • ‘She let out such a yelp and it was no wonder, as Tom had nothing on but a shirt and it wasn't too long at that!’
    • ‘We now live in a country where citizens can be executed without trial, and by a foreign government at that.’
    • ‘We are the kind of people, he thought, who buy their own furniture and second-hand at that.’
    • ‘No, this shore is not a destination for me; it is just a refuge, and a temporary one at that.’
    • ‘Instead of thunder, the company had been struck by a need to change the cast, and no minor change at that.’
    • ‘When she fell pregnant, Sara was hoping she would be having twins - and girls at that.’
    • ‘London looks set to receive a new evening paper soon, and a free one at that.’
    • ‘All a matter of opinion, of course, and in the cases of Randall and Morris, an educated opinion at that.’
    • ‘All the time a game of football was being played, and a pretty good one at that.’
    • ‘So, the Tate is at least making an effort to display more art, and a big, expensive one at that.’