Definition of at the earliest in English:

at the earliest

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  • Not before the time or date specified.

    ‘the table won't be delivered until next week at the earliest’
    • ‘He is not expected to make a decision on the appeal until September at the earliest.’
    • ‘Those in attendance demanded the council extend the consultation period until the end of October at the earliest.’
    • ‘Building work is unlikely to start before September at the earliest.’
    • ‘The units were due to close on November 1, at the earliest, after the trust board made the decision in July.’
    • ‘Not only is he struggling with an ankle injury, but his work permit isn't expected to arrive until next week at the earliest.’
    • ‘I'm flying back home to the UK today, so you won't be hearing from me until Thursday at the earliest.’
    • ‘As for delays to the local plan, the meeting was told that this will not be completed before 2007 at the earliest.’
    • ‘The new treatment plant will not be ready until next summer at the earliest.’
    • ‘However, he said the victim's identity would not be revealed until today at the earliest.’
    • ‘That means any announcement on reclassification will have to wait until summer at the earliest.’