Definition of at the risk of doing something in English:

at the risk of doing something


  • Although there is the possibility of something unpleasant resulting.

    ‘at the risk of boring people to tears, I repeat the most important rule in painting’
    • ‘And - at the risk of giving something away - the family curse is not really lifted.’
    • ‘And at the risk of getting my heart broken, I took the easy way out, that being breaking up with you.’
    • ‘So, I'm going to speak my peace at the risk of shocking a lot of people I respect.’
    • ‘And even if they had been willing to sacrifice even more, at the risk of jeopardizing their security for the sake of the alliance, there is no chance that this would have significantly changed the outcome of the battle.’
    • ‘But, at the risk of being cheesy, they are all good people.’
    • ‘His answers were complete and easy to understand and not once did I get the impression that he was loading his opinion in favour of one party at the risk of being unfaithful in his duty of impartiality to the tribunal.’
    • ‘And I know you think you'll be back with Josh by then, but, at the risk of having my head bitten off, I'm not so sure you will.’
    • ‘I wanted to scream, but at the risk of waking the house, I bit my lip.’
    • ‘It's to their credit that they continue trying new things, even at the risk of alienating their fans.’
    • ‘It was perhaps enough to have displaced one apparently corrupt set of politicians, even at the risk of introducing a new set hardly any better.’