Definition of at this rate in English:

at this rate


  • Used to introduce the prediction of a particular unwelcome outcome should things continue as they are.

    ‘at this rate, I won't have a job to go back to’
    • ‘Still, it would be pretty hard to include ‘computer consultant’ on my business card at this rate.’
    • ‘Mate, enjoy making fun of our columnists because they've only got a few years left at this rate…’
    • ‘This week is going to drag on for ever at this rate.’
    • ‘So, at this rate, the goal of universal basic education could be attained by 2006: nine years ahead of schedule.’
    • ‘Plus I can do it whilst continuing on with Season 6 of The X-Files on video as I'm never going to get it fiinshed at this rate!’
    • ‘Neither are ever likely to get finished at this rate; perhaps I'd be better off turning them into short stories or something.’
    • ‘But, in an e-mail to the executive committee, Mr Middleton claims there will be no students left at this rate.’
    • ‘We were going to have no chairs left at all, at this rate.’
    • ‘Heck, at this rate, they'll be bringing back disco and the polyester leisure suit.’
    • ‘I'll probably end up stabbed in a gutter somewhere at this rate.’
    • ‘At that rate, bankers and expense account diners only need apply.’