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at will

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  • At whatever time or in whatever way one pleases.

    ‘it can be molded and shaped at will’
    • ‘he was shoved around at will’
    • ‘Everyone in this film is going slowly insane, doing drugs, and killing at will.’
    • ‘Few, if any, other counties possess such strong forwards who can switch positions at will.’
    • ‘That is why they give awards for acting, not for crying or laughing at will.’
    • ‘Suddenly United found themselves dominating possession and creating opportunities at will.’
    • ‘If officials can take away peasants' land at will, what other civic rights would be left to them?’
    • ‘The pack was very powerful and were cutting holes through their Galway opposition at will.’
    • ‘Anyway, I am beginning to settle into the house, now that I can enter and leave at will.’
    • ‘My freedom to roam at will conflicts with the farmer's need to make a living and to rear the crops and livestock we all need to exist.’
    • ‘But those with shopping to do and time budgets need to be able to put their buys in the car boot and return to the shops at will.’
    • ‘Since it can shut down oil production at will, it is a fight the union is likely to win.’
    as one pleases, as one wishes, as one thinks fit, to suit oneself, at one's pleasure, at one's discretion, at one's inclination, at whim
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