Definition of athetoid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈaTHiˌtoid/



See athetosis

‘It can cause athetoid cerebral palsy characterized by uncontrollable tremors or writhing movements of the limbs, body and face, hearing loss, problems with vision and teeth and, sometimes, mental retardation.’
  • ‘Without treatment, severe jaundice can pose a risk of permanent brain damage resulting in athetoid cerebral palsy.’
  • ‘He gives the example of a girl with athetoid cerebral palsy with very little control over her limbs and who speaks through a specialist computer.’
  • ‘She has severe athetoid cerebral palsy arising from the circumstances of her birth.’
  • ‘Tardive dyskinesia is an involuntary movement disorder usually consisting of athetoid or choreic movements in the oro-facial region, but may affect any part of the body.’