Definition of Atlantic seal in English:

Atlantic seal


another term for gray seal
‘It was all too brief, but I had had my first close encounter with the Atlantic seals of the Farne Islands.’
  • ‘However, Atlantic seal health is not even being dealt with as an issue in Canada.’
  • ‘Wildlife abounds in the locality: red deer, Atlantic seals and golden eagles can be spotted.’
  • ‘The fact is that these groups are actually making more from the annual Atlantic seal hunt than the sealers themselves.’
  • ‘Our seas are kept fairly mild because of the effects of the Gulf Stream and this is a cue for Atlantic seals to produce their appealing white and fluffy seal pups.’
  • ‘Take a 3-mile trip westward to Seal Island, where you can observe the grey Atlantic seals at play or rest.’
  • ‘On the cliffs large colonies of guillemots, razor bills and herring gulls make their nests whilst on the rocks below Atlantic seals take refuge.’
  • ‘Meanwhile, fish stocks are collapsing and some Atlantic seals receive contraceptive injections at tax-payers' expense, while health services are cut back.’
  • ‘Various craft sail each day to Seal Island where you can observe the grey Atlantic seals at play or rest, and even see sunfish and dolphins on the way.’
  • ‘The horseshoe-shaped bay is an idyllic spot to picnic, with, if you are lucky, live entertainment laid on in the bay by Atlantic seals and bottle-nosed dolphins.’
  • ‘Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic seals are frequently seen and, in the autumn, baby seals can be spotted playing in Cwmtydu cove.’
  • ‘Buzzards circle, ravens soar and kittiwakes nest in their hundreds above blue seas where Atlantic seals sport in secluded coves.’
  • ‘From the beach, families can catch a glimpse of Atlantic seals and bottle-nosed dolphins that are often seen displaying their skills in the bay.’
  • ‘That's because when Iceland's hunters stopped culling seals, the population of North Atlantic seals increased, he says.’
  • ‘It claims that North Atlantic seals are eating too much cod but without adequate scientific evidence to support this claim.’
  • ‘They are home to an incredible number of breeding seabirds and the surrounding seas are home to dolphins, porpoises, Atlantic seals and even the occasional whale or orca.’
  • ‘North Atlantic seals typically keep to themselves, but in winter you can see clusters of them gathered on the rocks at low tide.’
  • ‘Real-time tracking maps of Atlantic seals, turtles, dolphins and more are available on this site, along with educational pages for students and resources for teachers.’
  • ‘Grey Atlantic seals, with their dog-like faces, are much less cautious and are often seen close to boats and in harbours.’


Atlantic seal

/ətˈlan(t)ik sē(ə)l/ /ətˈlæn(t)ɪk si(ə)l/