Definition of Atlantic time in English:

Atlantic time


  • The standard time in a zone including the easternmost parts of mainland Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

    ('Atlantic Standard Time''AST') standard time based on the mean solar time at the longitude 60° W, four hours behind GMT
    ('Atlantic Daylight Time''ADT') Atlantic time during daylight savings, three hours behind GMT

    ‘The data suggests that joining the Atlantic time zone would reduce Quebec's high rates of depression.’
    • ‘Kate linked to a story this week in the Mirror that makes a case for Quebec joining the Atlantic time zone.’
    • ‘Official time is four hours behind Greenwich Mean Time, one hour ahead of Atlantic Standard Time.’
    • ‘You'd have to schedule meeting times on Atlantic time to get these people to show up; they just don't check their e-mail.’
    • ‘To obtain Atlantic Daylight Time, subtract 3 hours from Universal Time.’


Atlantic time

/ətˈlan(t)ik tīm/ /ətˈlæn(t)ɪk taɪm/