Definition of Atlanticist in English:


noun & adjective

See Atlanticism

‘Whilst Cooper doesn't show any hint of Euroscepticism and is faithful to the party line, it is plain that the influences on her political thought are very much Atlanticist.’
  • ‘I am an American and an Atlanticist who believes in the U.N. and in NATO.’
  • ‘Fischer, a convinced Atlanticist, vigorously objects to posing Europe against the United States.’
  • ‘It is not only possible but wholly sensible for a committed European to be an equally committed Atlanticist.’
  • ‘Above all, it is precisely the Atlanticist, Blairite kind of economics that French voters rejected on Sunday.’
  • ‘But he also recognises that the Atlanticist project has a great appeal to part of the left.’
  • ‘In contrast to Edward Heath she was more of an Atlanticist than a European.’