Definition of atom smasher in English:

atom smasher


another term for particle accelerator
‘The atom smasher at CERN, outside Geneva, is barely able to make tiny samples of anti-hydrogen gas (anti-electrons circling around anti-protons).’
  • ‘An indirect test, however, will be carried out within the next decade or so by a huge atom smasher called the Large Hadron Collider, which is now being built by CERN.’
  • ‘Even if all the nations of the earth were to band together and single-mindedly build the biggest atom smasher in all history, it would still not be enough to test the theory.’
  • ‘Scientists at the European Center for Nuclear Research want to use their atom smasher to make mini-black holes to study Hawking Radiation.’
  • ‘Finally, you build an atom smasher and physically knock helium nuclei from some heavy atoms.’
  • ‘Michigan State University is the site of a very powerful atom smasher, called a cyclotron.’
  • ‘With the help of his friend Ernest Lawrence of the University of California, who had already won a Nobel Prize for inventing the atom smasher, Loomis assembled a team of the nation's most gifted young physicists.’
  • ‘However, physicists soon built devices called particle accelerators, or atom smashers.’
  • ‘And unfortunately, due to the nature of the magnetic fields, the antimatter Blueberry and his machine could produce was practically infinitesimal compared to the antimatter other, bulkier atom smashers had come up with.’
  • ‘Increasingly powerful atom smashers (today's accelerators are more than a million times more powerful than those of 1930) have as yet found no evidence of any additional fundamental forces beyond these four.’


atom smasher

/ˈadəm ˌsmaSHər/ /ˈædəm ˌsmæʃər/