Definition of atomic energy in English:

atomic energy


another term for nuclear energy
‘Suppliers include the Canadian atomic energy agency and companies from Italy, France and the United States, according to the government statement.’
  • ‘The atomic energy expert admits that establishment of nuclear power stations needs slightly more initial investment in comparison to other kinds of power stations.’
  • ‘Given the way atomic energy works, they could move ahead with an entirely peaceful program to produce electricity, as they say they are doing.’
  • ‘The country has fiercely denied US allegations that it is using an ambitious atomic energy project as a cover to develop nuclear weapons.’
  • ‘Heavy water was vital in the atomic energy programme Germany was attempting to exploit.’
  • ‘Due to its atomic energy source which required no air and very limited fuel, the Nautilus could stay submerged for virtually unlimited periods of time.’
  • ‘Both atomic energy and rocket science propelled a heavy new interest in science as the important work of nations.’