Definition of atomicity in English:



  • 1Chemistry
    The number of atoms in the molecules of an element.

    ‘In other words, as this encyclopedia entry says, a molecule of oxygen has an atomicity of 2.’
    ‘Taking into account the conservation of atoms we may determine all transition atomicities and represent atomic channels as graphs of distribution of atoms.’
  • 2mass noun The state or fact of being composed of indivisible units.

    • ‘A very simple consistency requirement is that of failure atomicity: the application either terminates normally, producing the intended results, or is aborted, producing no results at all.’
    • ‘CDP-based restoration provides atomicity, offering a holistic data set which can be recovered whether or not an application was quiescent at the moment of recovery.’
    • ‘There have been a number of cases presented where atomicity over a group of operations has been desirable.’
    • ‘In this paper, we deal with the problem of atomicity and isolation in the context of processes.’