Definition of atomism in English:



mass nounPhilosophy
  • A theoretical approach that regards something as interpretable through analysis into distinct, separable, and independent elementary components.

    • ‘A study of the path from philosophical atomism to contemporary scientific atomism helps to shed light on the nature of philosophy and science and the relationship between the two.’
    • ‘The true philosophy of Cudworth's intellectual system combines mechanistic atomism with Platonic metaphysics.’
    • ‘Gassendi, for example, embarked on a wholehearted revival and modification of Epicurean atomism, which had a considerable impact on natural philosophy.’
    • ‘The reason that his work on chemical atomism, if not physical atomism, was so widely accepted was that it worked to explain the relationships that had been noted and tested by the chemists of the latter part of the 1700s.’
    • ‘Their atheism was based on a theory of atomism, which they were the first to propose.’
    • ‘One of the great achievements of the scientific imagination, the Epicurean cosmos is based on three fundamental principles: materialism, mechanism, and atomism.’
    • ‘Philip Pettit makes a useful distinction between two pairs of concepts: individualism and collectivism, and atomism and holism.’