Definition of atomistic in English:




See atomism

‘Modern physics has ceased to be atomistic in the full sense that the Greek atomists intended.’
  • ‘They were nevertheless moderns in natural philosophy who accepted post-Galilean science, and propounded an atomistic theory of matter.’
  • ‘The dissolution of the feudal estates by the Revolution produced a purely atomistic society, characterized by the assertion of individual property right.’
  • ‘Individuals, according to atomistic theories, are not in need of any communal context in order to develop and exercise their capacity for self-determination.’
  • ‘Both of these ideas have an atomistic view of humans - we're all individuals, and we develop our lives in a solitary way.’
  • ‘I used any appropriate method in as accurate a way as possible to unite holistic analysis, which is characteristic of the positivist school of sociology, and atomistic analysis, characteristic of the interpretive sociologies.’
  • ‘By thinking of evolution in mechanistic and atomistic terms, materialist interpretations typically muffle our intuitive sense of life striving toward what is yet to be.’
  • ‘For testers, the problem has been one of reconciling the relative importance of the holistic and atomistic elements in a syllabus.’



/ˌadəˈmistik/ /ˌædəˈmɪstɪk/