Definition of atonalism in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌizəm/



See atonal

‘He would experiment with Schoenberg-style atonalism before embracing tonal and populist elements (especially American jazz).’
  • ‘It was intellectuals who kept the spotlight on atonalism long after the public got alienated from it.’
  • ‘Creston explored a variety of musical techniques and compositional styles, including atonalism.’
  • ‘The psychocultural ground of Schoenberg's atonalism and its complex procedures was the disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian empire.’
  • ‘He founded a school of cacophony which resulted in atonalism, and then, like his friend Picasso in art, left his school behind.’
  • ‘Lambert isn't against atonalism, and admires Berg a great deal, but he's against any sort of dogmatism, and the atonalists had become dogmatic even by then.’