Definition of atonalist in English:


Pronunciation /-ist/



See atonal

‘Talman would also have us believe that somehow, serialists and atonalists could bury expression in their music by piling on the mathematical base on which their music was founded.’
  • ‘The serialists / atonalists wrapped themselves in quasi-mathematical systems at the expense of the subjective, though they insisted that the works were meant to be expressive.’
  • ‘If a colleague dropped atonal writing, the atonalists saw this as a threatening refusal to validate their own work.’
  • ‘His fondness for chromaticism was such that Schoenberg suspected he would soon join the ranks of the atonalists, but for Reger chromaticism was a means of expanding the resources of tonality, not a harbinger of its imminent collapse.’
  • ‘The grievous error he and his atonalist cohorts made was to dictate the path of new music to the exclusion of all else.’