Definition of atonic in English:


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  • 1Linguistics
    (of a syllable) without accent or stress.

    ‘In Portuguese, vowels have stressed (tonic) and unstressed (atonic) forms.’
    • ‘In this kind of metric versification, neither the actual number of the syllables nor the difference between tonic and atonic syllables had much importance.’
  • 2Physiology
    Lacking muscular tone.

    ‘The highest levels of intoxication can be life-threatening, producing delirium, coma, atonic bladder and cardiac arrhythmias.’
    • ‘Atonic and tonic seizures are characterized by a sudden change in muscle tone.’
    • ‘In Poliomyelitis the greatest possible care must be taken to prevent bruising atonic muscle fibers.’



/āˈtänik/ /eɪˈtɑnɪk/